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The Mysterious, Beautiful Blobs of Ken Price

Looks like a sea creature fell into a box of Legos. These amorphous blobs are the work of Ken Price, who passed away in 2012. His work is currently being shown in New York, so if you’re in the city, go check out some beautifully bizarre art. And if you do, let me know if you can touch the pieces, because I would get my hands all up in that shit.

Source: Ken Price at Marks Gallery


The Hypnotic Geometry of Mr. Div

Pythagoras would be proud of Matthew Divito, also known as Mr. Div. His works of looping GIF art are nothing short of mesmerizing. Inspired by mathematics and armed with 3D rendering software, Mr. Div creates these GIFs- each seems to be some kind of sacred relic, suspended in their own space, glowing with an ethereal light. I could watch these for hours, preferably while under the influence. Woah.

Source: Mr. Div


Classy Famicom-style iPhone cover ⊟

The iRetro-FC iPhone 5/5s cover is based on an April Fool’s Day joke from this year, which purported to be a kit for playing Famicom carts on your phone.

But despite the reduced functionality, the actual item looks really nice! It’s a tempered glass phone cover with a pixelated Apple logo, Famicom red and gold color scheme and some authentic-looking extras.

Not sure how to get one of these outside of Japan, but SpecDirect is taking pre-orders for 4,000 yen ($40). Via Miki800.



When you make a reference and someone actually gets it


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Is it considered leaving
When no one bothers about it
Is it considered leaving
When nothing is keeping you

Maybe I’m just moving on
From a place where I am abandoned and tossed aside
Maybe I’m just moving on
To search a place that will take me in


It’s been weeks since March passed
And the world’s starting to feel warmer 
That undecided sorrow 
Doesn’t seem to matter anymore

My dreams, there were a lot
I’m doing good, you?

Two more minutes till it’s sunrise
A few more minutes till I should start to forget
What’s the point of musing with faded love?
So March moved on, time moved on
But not me

After two people ended a relationship
Time seems to flow slower
Perhaps an afternoon far from now
I can be happy again

I guess I’m healed
I can once again smile

Heard your life was rough after two years
Am I finally happy after all these years?
Maybe love went with the wind
As March left us
People understood why
But not me

We ended up on our own from trading our hearts for company
We were together cause love took the burden
The times when we’re as one
Passed as March did
But one side will always remember


Oh god, these Yoshi’s Wooly World prototypes ⊟

These way cute prototype pics of the Wii U game popped up in this afternoon’s Treehouse E3 stream segment with producer Takashi Tezuka. Like everything else awesome shown at E3, it won’t come out here until some time next year. The actual game is super adorable too.

Thanks to Ewzzy for the tip and for posting the shots online!

PREORDER Yoshi's Wooly World, upcoming games
The Epic Yarn-ness >__


Amiibo prototype packages at the nintendo E3 floor. These look awesome!

The kirby one T^T



Los Angeles: best viewed from above.

Check out Chris Pritchard’s time-lapse video love letter to the City of Angels.


This is so true tho

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Behind the Black

Awkward Situation